Cycle Trails Australia: Top 5 Epic Bike Touring Adventures

Going on an Adelaide cycling tour can in fact be very appealing.  If you are a big cycler then you are going to love to take your bike with you when you go off on holiday.  However, cycling tours are just amazing and you are going to find that there are many amazing options for you to consider.  Of course, when you go cycling, you are going to find that there is lots of amazing scenery to see and admire.  So why not give a great Australian cycling tour a go?

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Accessories on your bicycle – personalizing your pedal bike

There are a wide variety of accessories for pedal bikers of all ages everything from phone charging systems to decorative steamers. There are ranges to suit every budget to help create your own personal style. Adhesive vinyl bumper stickers bearing your name are relatively inexpensive, however these may not be advisable for children’s pedal bikes due to safety issues with strangers.for more information on how to design your own bike click here
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Pedal bikes versus treadmills

Unless you are lucky enough to afford your own treadmill, the only place that you can go is the Gym. Although the Gym is an excellent form of exercise, its not suitable or desirable for everyone due to time commitments and other factors. However pedal bike rides can be more easily incorporated into daily life. For example, you can use your pedal bike to commute to and from work, or take the whole family out for an enjoyable family bonding time. Many folks wrongly assume that good health and all over fitness can only be achieved with and active gym membership.

Treadmills are a great workout for the legs, however it is of little benefit to other areas such as the stomach and chest.

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How to select a girls pedal bike by frame size

Pedal biking is a fun activity for children and there are excellent pedal bikes designed for children.

There are many factors involved in choosing pedal bikes for children but the same applies to both boys and girls due to many reasons. The main reason is that children’s pedal bikes are measured by the diameter of the wheel rather than the size of the frame.

There are a lot of pedal bikes that are designed exclusively for girls, usually with feminine colors.
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Famous people and stars on pedal bikes

Famous people and stars on pedal bikesWhat do, Einstein, President Obama, former presidents, movie star Hilary Duff and the late Elvis Presley all have in common? The answer is they have all experienced the joys of pedal biking. This article takes a light hearted look at some of these.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” said the famous scientist, Albert Einstein who invented the theory of Gravity. The illustration shows Einstein in 1933 enjoying a pedal bike ride with a huge smile on his face. Read more »

Specialized Road Bike

Espanacy Cling Vacations are one of the world’s leading bike manufacturers, producing top quality bikes and equipment for many cycling disciplines. Their range of bikes includes many different designs of mountain and road bikes. Their designs are technical and yet stylish, and the technology they use is always innovative and cutting edge. If you’re looking for a Specialized road bike in particular you’ll first need to look at the different bikes they make and decide which design is the most suitable for you.

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Single Speed Bike

A single speed bike is a bike with one gear ratio. (A fixed gear bike is a specific type of single speed bike that has no freewheel mechanism so the rider is forced to keep pedaling).

Single speed bikes are built without derailleurs, hub gearing or other ways of changing the gear ratio. There are loads of single speed bikes out there that have never had gear ratios, such as BMX and kids’ bikes, but recently there’s been somewhat of a comeback in single speed bike popularity. They are becoming more and more fashionable again as people reject the gears on their mountain bikes or their road bikes and opt in for retro single speed purity.for more information on single speed bike visit

Single speed bikes have long been popular with urban commuters and fitness fanatics going for the maximum burn, as well as in track racing. They are generally more lightweight and mechanically simpler than multi-gear bikes. They have fewer parts that require maintenance so they are cheaper and easier to maintain.

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Do You Really Need Specialized Cycling Shoes?

Anyone that is serious about cycling, or even if you are an occasional rider should seriously consider getting a pair of specialized cycling shoes. I would even bet that many people have no idea that there is even such a thing as a special cycling shoe. Most people just throw on a pair of sneakers and off they go. If they only knew how much easier and better their riding would be if they had the right shoes. Sneakers don’t grip well and aren’t designed properly to reduce injury to your knees. The question is, how much is your health worth to you?

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